Wednesday, 24 March 2010

HORSE the Band release possibly the greatest media package a band has ever produced.

As anyone who is a big fan of HORSE the Band in any real way will attest, the limits they are willing to go to in order to play shows to their fans throughout the world are staggering. This is most famously evidenced in their 2008 'Earth Tour' which saw them embark on a self financed (over $118,000) journey around the world visiting and playing in over 45 countries. The entire tour was documented heavily and the band have just released a package which includes a 100 page booklet, personalised for you by the band (replete with your own 'one of a kind artefact' from the tour) and a 6 DVD set including HD documentary footage and live shows from the tour.

This is all available at and as far as i'm concerned is well worth checking out. If the $79 price tag is too steep for you then the band have also released another DVD with footage and a show taken from their time in Ukraine which is well worth checking out.

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